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Blink-182 is famous for having an incredibly skilled drummer in Travis Barker and a lead singer who is undeniably from space. But for their first two albums they had a different drummer — the profusely unibrowed Scott Raynor.

3 Bands Who Completely Disowned Their Former Members

#2. Blink-182 — Scott Raynor

There’s a huge lack of verifiable details, but what is known is this — when Blink-182 was midway through a tour with The Aquabats, Barker’s band at the time, Raynor suddenly wasn’t there anymore, and Barker filled in for him for the rest of the tour. At the end of the tour, Blink-182 hired Barker and went on to record Enema of the State, which launched their stratospheric late-’90s career as one of the most visible bands in the world and made them all of the money in the universe.

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